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Reach more consumers at every mile and turn them into lasting customers

With Angaza’s intuitive and flexible sales and customer management solution, you can:

Digitize records and build customer loyalty
Use versatile payment tools to reach more customers
Secure assets and track stock levels in real time
Boost business efficiency and improve customer service
Simplify decision making with powerful business data

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Over 50 devices from 20+ best-in-class manufacturers

The #1 Solution for Distributors in Last-Mile Markets

"Simply designed, the Angaza solution offers many functionalities to best manage our customer portfolios. Angaza is always adapting to our business needs."


"The biggest improvement after adopting Angaza was the increase in sales rate, driven by the fact that agents are able to see all the sales they’ve made, the details of the clients they sold to and be measured against the targets they’ve set for the clients."

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