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An intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible solution to meet your product distribution needs

With the Angaza sales and payment management solution, you can:

Manage sales data

Manage your sales and client accounts in one central location


Register new clients and collect payments, even when offline

Manage and track inventory movement across your distributed sales operation, and mitigate fraud
Advanced business analytics
Drive decisions with robust business intelligence data and analytics


See why 150+ companies trust Angaza to drive their last-mile distribution sales. Get in touch with us to view a live demo of Angaza by filling out the form below.


Choose from 40 pay-as-you-go enabled products, including solar home systems, cookstoves, laptops, and smartphones


3 payment solutions:
50+ mobile payment options, and cash payment


Connect Angaza with your finance, CRM and other software systems to unlock operational automation and flexibility

Customer service

Comprehensive training, responsive customer support, and success management

Over 40 devices from 20+ best-in-class manufacturers

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What our Customers are Saying

“Angaza allows us to receive mobile money payments which is huge for us. If we didn’t have that, if it was just cash-based it would create barriers to more customers. Without Angaza it would ground our business, because we wouldn’t be able to track payments and organize our customers.” 

- SupaMoto

“Using the Angaza system with the Power BI system helps us look at what the data is telling us in terms of who is falling behind in payments, who is performing better in terms of sales, and which areas are performing better. And based on that we can make strategic decisions on where to move next and where to focus our energies on in terms of making more sales.” 

- Mwezi